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Due to the petrochemical industry’s strict standards for product safety, automation plays a vital role in increasing production efficiency. The inclusion of contemporary methods for data collecting and analysis, as well as process management, which constitutes a new, higher level of development for the automation system, is necessitated by the availability of a huge amount of information. The petrochemical sector can benefit from automation in several ways, including:

1- Increasing the level of security;
2- Raising the economic efficiency of production;
3- Improving the efficiency of technological processes (quicker operations, better product quality, etc.). Automation is now divided into the following primary functional systems, each with its own set of peculiarities and content of specialized elements:
1. Control systems for technical operations that are automated. Automation gives control over technological processes and improves control precision, resulting in greater technological eciency.
2. Security systems that operate automatically. The petrochemical industry, unlike other sectors of the economy, is subject to higher safety standards due to the potential of emergency circumstances while dealing with explosive and re-hazardous hydrocarbon raw materials, which can result in large-scale disasters with catastrophic eects. In this regard, the main oil corporations are increasingly focused on increasing the degree of security at their operations.
3. Information management systems that integrate the management of individual functional systems. These consist of software, hardware (like microprocessors), and communications tools. In recent years, our nation has also begun to actively grow in this market segment, which is one of the fastest growing in the entire world.
4. Power and electrical equipment. Contemporary industrial automation systems that incorporate sophisticated high-tech equipment as components necessitate the introduction of contemporary innovations in the electrical and power equipment industries.