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Biofuels are a type of sustainable energy that is obtained from living organisms. Corn ethanol, biodiesel, and
organic biogas are the most prevalent biofuels…
Biofuel is a fuel created in a short period from biomass, as opposed to the relatively slow natural processes
involved in the generation of fossil fuels such as oil. Because biomass may be used directly as a fuel (for example,
wood logs), some people use the terms biomass and biofuel interchangeably.


However, the term “biofuel” is
normally reserved for liquid or gaseous transportation fuels. This naming convention is followed by the United
States Energy Information Administration (EIA).
Plants or agricultural, residential, or industrial biowaste can be used to make biofuel. Biofuel’s greenhouse gas
mitigation capability varies greatly, ranging from emissions equivalent to fossil fuels in certain situations to negative emissions in others.
Bioethanol and biodiesel are the two most popular kinds of biofuel.
Bioethanol is fermented alcohol derived mostly from carbohydrates generated by sugar or starch crops such as
corn, sugarcane, or sweet sorghum.
Gasication is used to create biodiesel from oils or fats. It may be used as a vehicle fuel in its pure form (B100),
but it is mostly employed as a diesel additive to minimize particulates, carbon monoxide, and hydrocarbon
emissions from diesel-powered cars.

Solutions Overview: Sectors we can tackle

Using automation, process operators can control the reactions as well as do the rounds and sampling in the plant. To run the process properly, the presence of automation and an experienced operator is needed. A crucial necessity is, of course, that representatives from the plant operator and the automation supplier understand the application process and meet to discuss their ndings. The automation controls the whole process, from biomass pretreatment through fermentation and distillation. This creates a massive volume of data, to collect and eectively analyze important data. All the information is archived and utilized for data analysis and error elimination. The data is captured in shift, daily and monthly reports. Moreover, access to the plant data is provided from the oce with faster access.