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Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten

  • Quality work on time and within budget
  • Qualified Staff + always work on improving
  • Everyone at ITEC Energy plays a role to deliver the best product and has equal responsibility


When We Feel Best, We Perform Best

  • Creating a completely healthy work environment that ensures our employees’ physical, mental, and emotional well-being.
  • Training our team to maintain and strengthen our commitment to health and safety
  • Assessing the risk accompanied by all conducted activities to implement the necessary control measures for the safety of our employees.

Environment First

  • Minimize the impact on the Earth (water, biodiversity, climate change, etc.…).
  • Supporting the idea to build products that ensure minimum impact on the environment with the same efficiency.
  • Analyze the life cycle of each project and product to predict and subsequently reduce the risk of pollution.

Security is not a product but a process

  • Use of conduct rules and regulations to ensure the security of our people which is the most important factor
  • Analyze the working environment and take the necessary measures to ensure a secure workplace.
  • Implement extra measures to ensure security in case of any unexpected arising problems