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Who We Are


We build
better products

ITE has been created with the vision of effectively integrating emerging technologies in the Automation
and information System industries , It has the flexibility to meet each client requirements by assembling a team of experts with the knowledge and ability to deliver superior results, from initial design
and consultation, through project delivery.
As the company grew, we successfully acquired and executed several large integration projects that
enhanced our reputation in the market, ranging from simple automation processes to large scale DCS
systems to include instrumentation and control field devices . ITEC continued to excel with successful



Our mission is to provide for the Oil and Gas industry an integrated
automated platform to cover the whole framework from process
automation, field instruments, safety, operations workflow to data
analytics solutions that improve and optimize your busines.



We strive to provide our customers with state of the art solutions by
keeping our knowledge up-to-date in a world where technology is
always evolving.

Added Values

We are highly experienced in the industry, and the sole goal of our skilled sta is to identify challenges to offer clients innovative solutions that will yield substantial savings and improve their productivity. Our extensive experience with systems puts us in an ideal position to help clients achieve the efficiency they are seeking by presenting a timetable for each project; ITEC has what it takes, our suppliers are devoted to guarantee that permanent benefits are realized and the implementation is a complete success. We firmly believe in customers involvement in the project as they are the specialists when it comes to their products and their

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Office : AL Dafna,Zone 60,Al Markhiyastr. 650,Bldg 24,Al Nasr Tower A 5th Floor P.O. Box 10573
Factory : Street 33 , Gate 20,Zone 57 -Industrial area -Doha- Qatar