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Company: TISS
Country: United Arab Emirates
Location: Dubai
For Sea Water Treatment, the customer required a fully controlled system and SCADA station for the facility.
Some steps have been taken to attain an optimized automated Sea Water facility:
1- Supply and setup up instruments, calibration, scaling and commissioning on site.
2- Calibration, commissioning of sophisticated ow control valves (FCV) and motorized ball valves (MBV), calibration of analog input set point, and analog output feedback to PLC.
3- Control of working hours of Main generators in Duty / Standby mode.
4- Analysis of PH, conductivity, and Turbidity readings at each process stage to define the efficiency of the system.
5- Supply and commissioning of PFC power factor correction cabinet.
6- Supply and commissioning of VFD found at sea cabinet for Raw Water Pump RWP to control the main water flow supplied to the system, including pump motor overheat protection.
7- Providing support to the mechanical team in eliminating leakage in some critical locations.
8- Adjustment of all float switches to control the min/max level in each tank.
Finally, the automated facility was able to deliver:
1- A fully controlled, powered, and automated system for all the facilities.
2- Providing continuous Support and Availability.
3- Product quality, full integration, and easy to configure.
4- Easy operation and maintenance.
5- Maintenance cost is reduced by using the highest product quality, fault detection, and event logging that allows tracing problems causes.