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Company: SHD – Société des Huiles et Derives
Country: Lebanon
To achieve suitable automation and build a robust control system, some implementation has been taken:
1- S7-1500 CPU1516 3PN-DP equipped with adequate IO System communication.
2- Standing out for up-to-date expert knowledge.
3- Benefit from future-proof and tailored solutions, which decisively contribute to the lasting improvement of competitiveness.
4- TIA V13 SP1 to program S7-1500 and ABB Profibus Library integrated. WinCC V7.3 Redundant Server and two clients. The final automated Edible oil Unity was able to deliver many benefits for the customers, some of them were: 1- Two Redundant Servers that lead to a high availability due to the IPCs architecture. 2- Less production cost due to the SCADA system using WinCC V7.3. 3- Archiving and Trending features that allow the user to monitor throughout the production phases all related parameters and functions. 4- Reduce the maintenance cost due to the Profibus communication between the PLC and more than 50 drives.