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Country: N.A Location: N.A The goal was to produce a are Control and Gas Analysis System. The efficiency of biogenic production processes and optimum operation of the plant largely depend on continuous monitoring of the biogas composition. To measure the concentration of O2, electrochemical sensors are used. The received data is converted as outputs to…

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Company: TETCO – Ministry of Petroleum Sudanese Petroleum Corporation (SPC) Country: Sudan Location: Ghadarif The goal was to supply a fully automated Control System for Loading and Unloading Gas Gasoil and Gasoline Products. As a basis for our project, the following were the requirements of the customers: 1- Monitoring of the inlet and outlet pressures, temperatures,…

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Company: TISS Country: United Arab Emirates Location: Dubai For Sea Water Treatment, the customer required a fully controlled system and SCADA station for the facility. Some steps have been taken to attain an optimized automated Sea Water facility: 1- Supply and setup up instruments, calibration, scaling and commissioning on site. 2- Calibration, commissioning of sophisticated ow…

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Company: Qatar Gas Country: Qatar Location: Raslaffan For the Qatar Gas, Package Unit Control System the customer needed software and graphics development per Qatar Gas Standard to control and monitor the unit. To achieve an automated package unit control system, the following measures have been taken: 1- Programming the DDC controller as per Qatar GAS…

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Company : Air Liquide Country : Syria Location: Adra- Industrial Area A backup for the O2, Air, and N2 tanks control system was required by the customer. Steps were taken to reach the customer’s needs: 1- Independent control system of Gas Separation Unit 2- Independent Control from different stations: O2, Ar, N2. 3- Simplified and…

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Country: Lebanon Location: Saida For a fully automated solid waste treatment plant, this plant’s intended design was to come up with and install a suitable widely available process technique to maximize the valuable outputs as well as the minimization of environmental impacts. The following measures were taken: 1- The non-biodegradable material was separated from the…

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