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Company: Qatar Gas
Country: Qatar
Location: Raslaffan
For the Qatar Gas, Package Unit Control System the customer needed software and graphics development per Qatar Gas Standard to control and monitor the unit.
To achieve an automated package unit control system, the following measures have been taken:
1- Programming the DDC controller as per Qatar GAS Standard and requirements.
2- Supervision for the sensor installation and cabling.
3- Panel testing and commissioning and graphics development for operator unit.
4- Panel FAT & SAT with the Qatar GAS team.
5- Fire integration and testing with the fire alarm system.
6- Training for the Qatar GAS maintenance team.
Lastly, the automated unit was able to deliver many benefits for the customer, some of them were:
1- An easier controlled system emerged from one place done by a package unit and 3rd party systems.
2- Alarms were configured in an operator unit which lead to easier maintenance and troubleshooting.
3- Reduce the operational costs by identifying the errors and faults functions whenever occurring in a fast approach.
Close fully controlled internal comfort conditions by monitoring all the risks.
4- Feweress power needs to maintain the system.
5- Feweress maintenance costs will be needed since the Siemens brand products are more reliable as compared to any other brand.