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Country: Lebanon
Location: Saida
For a fully automated solid waste treatment plant, this plant’s intended design was to come up with and install a suitable widely available process technique to maximize the valuable outputs as well as the minimization of environmental impacts. The following measures were taken:
1- The non-biodegradable material was separated from the biodegradable unities to be later used as raw materials like metal and plastics.
2- The organic-rich fraction of the waste is treated anaerobically.
3- Due to the presence of an aerobic process, biogas is produced which can be used for the generation of heat and electricity eliminating the need for an external source of energy to power the plant.
4- The final product is formed of organic carbon as well as nutrients like nitrogen and phosphate.
5- A comprehensive management of wastewater and air to reduce the emissions from the plant.
6- Water used throughout the process has been recycled back to reduce consumption.
7- For the goal of purifying the surrounding environment as a result of our emissions, a chemical scrubber system was used.
ITEC used WinCC which includes all the most important communication channels for linking to the SIMATIC S7 315-2 PN/OP controllers via the S7 Protocol Suite, as well as non-proprietary channels like PROFIBUS-DP/ FMS, DE (Dynamic Data Exchange) and OPC (OLE for Process Control); you can get other communication channels as Add-ons. Since all controller manufacturers provide appropriate OPC servers for their hardware, there are virtually no limits to what you can connect to WinCC.
The final automated project was able to deliver:
1- Reducing implementation by improving engineering productivity.
2- On-going maintenance throughout the programming and configuring the testing.
3- All systems are networked using IMAP.
4- Integrating the whole plant in one system using a combination o three PLC languages CFC,LAD, and S7 Graph.
5- Control different parts of the plant efficiently using Distributed I/O’s (ET200S and ET200M).