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Low-Voltage Switchgear, Circuit Breakers, and Controls
  • Smart low voltage switchboard with best arc flash mitigation solutions with powerful motor management system
  • High-current and generator switchgear with vacuum switching technology answers highest technological, quality, and personnel safety requirements enabling maximum operational reliability in oil and gas applications up to 450 MW.
  • Low-voltage busbar trunking systems for flexible power distribution for both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • The fusesaver is the perfect protection solution for over- head spur lines against temporary faults
  • Low-voltage replacement circuit breakers designed with a direct connection to the primary contacts and with arc flash mitigation
  • Power distribution center solutions to house various.
Energy Automation, Protection, and Power Quality

Highest levels of power availability and preventing power outages are most important for the oil and gas industry. To ensure day to day reliability and availability of their equipment in hostile environments, oil and gas companies require robust power supply solutions. These solutions must also be safe, exible, and cost ecient over their entire lifecycle. And as even smallest uctuations in power supply can harm upstream, midstream, and downstream process steps, optimal power quality also becomes a key success factor. Totally Integrated Power, the hassle free solution for power distribution across all voltage levels, is our answer to this challenge. Our Power Management Systems ensure increased power availability, quality, and eciency. They keep your production running smoothly in any upstream, midstream, or downstream application

Our Power Management and Control Systems feature
  • A centralized monitoring and control system of the overall power infrastructure, e.g., switchgear, transformers, generators, batteries, etc.
  • Automation controllers to integrate multiple devices (protection devices, power quality recorders, sensors, etc.) with dierent interfaces (e.g., IEC 61850, Modbus, etc.) and execution of automated control sequences.
  • Protection for critical devices and assets against possible damage.
  • Additional applications like Load Shedding, Generation Control, Power Quality, or Microgrid Management for renewable integration.

The Power Management and Control Systems are based on a common platform with dierent integrated application and functions.

Load Shedding
  • Fully integrated, fast Load Shedding application with response rates < 70 ms to keep production running.
Data collection and archiving
  • Central collection and archiving of all fault records and power quality data from eld level devices, irrespective of their manufacturer.
  • monitoring and analysis.
  • Comprehensive evaluation options for archived PQ measuring data and fault records
  • Measured value testing compared to Power Quality Standards and individually specied limits (Grid Code Evaluation).
Generation Control integrated application

  • Keeps system frequency and voltage in a
    specified range
  • Maintains intended value of interchange
    at tie lines.
  • Shares total generated power between
    assigned generators and load optimization.