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The cloud-based, open loT operating system

  • Open standards and interfaces to exchange data of many different manufacturers.
  • Visualize and monitor electrical assets in electrical distribution systems across multiple locations anytime and anywhere.
  • Customize the application thanks to a modular and configurable approach.
  • Transparency through assets summary and operations overview
  • Condition monitoring.
  • Energy monitoring.
  • Maintenance view.
  • Documentation management.

Asset Performance

  • Boost your asset performance through holistic data-driven analytics.
  • Navigate with Google-like searches across fleets, plants, sub plants, and assets.
  • Unlock industrial data by creating a 360° view of every asset, enabling advanced analytical and AI applications.
  • Make industrial data accessible to people in your organization and software applications with its open, integrated solution.
  • Connect, manage, and analyze data across your whole eet
  • Enhance asset optimization management and strategic decisions with advanced asset intelligence.
  • Intuitive design for all stakeholders, including specialists wanting dedicated asset details or users wanting plant overviews.